We are working on a full release for BH Trials

Since we launched the BH Trials prototype last summer, we have been working on making it a full game. Today we are ready to give you a  small peek.

You will be able to put your skills to the test in a series of levels with only your trusty backhoe to overcome the obstacles on your way. With no transmission, brakes or steering; only using the articulated arm.

A cooperative mode will let you play with up to three friends and take control of a four-legged backhoe beast.

You can wishlist BH Trials on Steam:


Or visit the BH Trials web page to get more information:



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@BH Trials (Developers); It looks like a nice physics based game and I would love to play/ stream it on YouTube. Is it possible to get in contact to receive e.g. a demo/ prototype version?

Hi Odrai. We will be sending keys to youtubers and press soon. Send us an email to contact [at] picosacrogames.com with your contact information to be able to reach to you.